Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tin Soldier Torture

I am busy studying for finals and getting ready for the holidays, so I have even less time to write than usual. But I came across this quote today at the end of Cary Tennis's column on and had to post it.

"Oh, and one more thing: It used to be that little boys played with little tin soldiers and little girls played with dolls. That was fine with me.

When my little boy friends and I played with little tin soldiers, we did not torture the enemy. We had learned from our comic books to be decent to our captives. We simply put them in the stockade and kept careful watch over them lest they try to escape. We did not burn them or humiliate them. We did not pile them up naked. OK, we interrogated them, sometimes roughly. But we did not torture.

I wonder how the young boys of America today are treating their little tin captives."

It is sickening to me that Sen. McCain is facing resistance to a law banning the use of torture by all branches of the government including the CIA . The US won't always be the biggest kid on the block, if we don't follow the rules now what will happen to us when we're not in charge?