Thursday, September 15, 2005

Welcome to Buffalo

Today I could write about law school, or the open house at Angel babe's school last night, or about how much it sucks that we have cut our family's income by three-quarters--but , I think I will just post a picture to help remind me of why I moved back to Buffalo. Sure, it was mostly to go to law school, but it was also to be part of a community again.

On Sunday darling fiancé and I went to the Bills home opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We tailgated with one of my bridesmaids (a Buffalo girl I met in DC and who also moved back home) and about 40 members of her family. Grills were blazing and the beer was flowing--starting at 9:00am. We were all there for the same reason: to cheer for the Buffalo Bills and have a good time. Everyone in the stadium--all 80,000 plus--had a smile on their face and a good word for the fans around them. Hundreds of strangers greeted us with high-fives and "Go Bills!" shouts. There is nothing like this anywhere in DC. I have been to Washington Redskins games, the crowd is blasé, there is a mix of team allegiances, hardly anyone talks to people outside of their group and by the fourth quarter the stadium is beginning to empty out. On Sunday, the Bills were up by two touchdowns on the fourth quarter and the place stayed packed until the end. I'm so happy to be home.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Arazaree said...

I so, so feel you on this.


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